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Ironwood,Suriname: 1"x1"x12"

Ironwood,Suriname: 1"x1"x12"
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    Ironwood, Suriname
    Scientific name: Bocoa prouacensis
    Common Names: Coração de negro, Ironwood
    Description: This species is considered one of the hardest and heaviest woods in the world, with high density and dry weight at over 1150KG per M3.  Heartwood varies from purplish dark maroon to purplish black brown with lighter fine streaks and constasting yellow sapwood.  Machines and finishes exceptionally.
    Region: South America, Guiana's, Suriname
    Size: 1"x1"x12"
    Note: Turning blanks are sold partially seasoned with no guarantee of moisture content, and waxed sealed.  Due to the density of this wood, sharp tools is a must and sealing your finished project with a thin coat(s) of super glue helps prevent wood from checking.