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Spalted Tamarind - 5" x 5" x 3"

Spalted Tamarind - 5" x 5" x 3"
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    Scientific name: tamarindus indica
    Description: Spectacular back ground colors of light with rose, yellow and black spalting, which gives an unpredictable landscape effect.  Excellent turning wood.
    Region: Southeast Asia
    Size: 5" x 5" x 3"
    Keywords: Turning Blank, Exotic Wood, Spalted Tamarin
    Note: Picture is an representation of what you can expect.  Due to the nature of this specie, bug and worm holes may be present on some blanks and no two are alike.  Turning blanks are partly seasoned with no guarantee of moisture content.
    Caution: We recommend taking precaution when working with spalted wood, such as using adequate dust collection equipment and wearing a personal respirator and mask.